About Us

Strickland Real Estate (SRE), an inaugural Member of the Real Estate Industry Association, is an independent real estate company that has been operating in Port Moresby for more than 40 years.

Strickland Real Estate is a competitive office that actively covers property management, residential, commercial and industrial sales, rent collection and property appraisals and assessments in the greater Port Moresby area.

We pride ourselves in our service to the community; a testament of this is our loyal client base. We have an ongoing commitment to personalised service for our clients so as to achieve the best

We welcome all enquiries regarding real estate in the Port Moresby region

Our property management team manages many unit investments close to the CBD and surrounds and has a large port folio of all types of properties across the National Capital District.

Key Services

  • Property Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Appraisals
  • Finance Consultancy
  • Property Sales by Tender

Property Management

Specialising in the Port Moresby residential market, our team of Sales Consultants will quickly find a suitable tenant, while our capable Property Management team will ensure that rents are collected on time and that your property is always maintained to the highest standards. This results in longer term tenants reducing the overall cost of managing your property.

Property Maintenance

Strickland Agencies Maintenance (SAM) employs a team of qualified professionals that are able to quickly and reliably attend to all the maintenance requirement of properties managed by Strickland Real Estate. Our team includes fully-qualified plumbers, carpenters and other trades people. You’ll be surprised at how cost effective our services are when compared to other companies in town. This all adds up to you receiving a better return on your property investment.

Property Appraisals

We are able to perform market appraisals on all types of properties in Port Moresby.

Finance Consultancy

We can offer you all the advice required to ensure that your property portfolio performs to your expectations. We can offer advice on how to structure bank loans and mortgages.

Sales by Tender

Looking to maximize the amount of money earned on the sale of your property in PNG? Strickland Real Estate can market and sell your property through the public tender process. This mechanism can yield significantly more money than through normal sales means. Not all properties are suitable for sale through the tender process, but our experience will allow us to recommend this option if it is suitable.